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Hong Kong

Li & Fung Ltd.

Process review, PDM Evaluation.

Wing-Tai Holdings Ltd.

Technology review of Zymmetry (formerly MSC), sourcing functionality and compatibility with PLM.

Redcats Asia Mapped processes of Redcats Asia (internal agents for Redcats Europe & USA) to facilitate understanding of interactions between buying offices and agent.  This enabled definition of Redcats PLM system requirements for easier partnership with Redcats Asia.

Guess? Asia Ltd.

Guess? Asia organization and process review.


Uniqlo A WWA PLM consulting project partnered with Lectra.

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Australia/New Zealand

Pacific Brands Defined process improvements, software definition and configuration in the product development and production areas and setup project plan. This resulted in efficiencies in product development related activities, early visibility of bottlenecks, transfer of IP and historic data from one season to the next, improved speed to market via parallel processing with standardized and streamlined spec/tech pack generation.

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Trent Ltd. A WWA PLM consulting project partnered with Dassault Systèmes.


Dassault Systèmes WWA lead a 2 day sales meeting to facilitate understanding of PLM requirements and market possibilities.


CMT Process review and refinement for this prestigious vertical knit manufacturer, including recommendations regarding US market positioning.

South Africa

Truworths Discussions partnered with Dassault Systèmes to improve product development.

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Monoprix A WWA PLM consulting project partnered with Dassault Systèmes.

Redcats France

Included in the Redcats global project to analyze processes, set scope, and implement PLM. (See Redcats USA)

Lectra Consulting for clients, support for PLM, internal client focused training engagements focused on PLM technology, current industry practices, and client needs.


Amoena Collaborated with headquarters' organization on refinement of US design and Costa Rican manufacturing operation for major global mastectomy products, bra and swimwear manufacturer.


Dassault/Enovia Italy WWA provided two day PLM strategic positioning and sales training class for Dassault/ENOVIA European team.

Lectra Italy

Strategic positioning and sales support for Lectra Italy.


Leading Fast Fashion Retailer Partnered with Lectra on PLM project and implementation consulting for large specialty retailer.


H&M Provided assistance in definition, coding, testing and sign off of the H&M PLM system under a support contract for Technia.


Process and PDM technology review for the Ellos division of PPR. (See Redcats USA)


Mexx Project assistance with PLM implementation (division of Liz Claiborne)

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United Kingdom

Ben Sherman Performed two projects to help Ben Sherman understand the efficiency of their processes, and the profitability of certain services provided to their customers.


A survey of available PLM vendors and systems was performed.

Empire Empire was included in the Redcats global project to analyze processes, set scope, and implement PLM. (See Redcats USA)


Helped them understand the overall efficiency of their processes. WWA then provided suggested actions for improving their merchandising.

Lectra UK WWA provided assistance for the Lectra and client project team by analyzing processes and defining a draft plan for a PLM system, which helped to ensure that the associated processes were kept within the existing project scope.

River Island

A consulting project partnered with Dassault Systèmes.

Regatta Ltd Development Process assessment.

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Central America & Caribbean

Costa Rica

Amoena Multiple phase: Product development, production processes and technology refinement for this global major specialty mastectomy products, intimates and swimwear manufacturer at US headquarters and their Costa Rica factory. Also provided POP/retail marketing design/development for a major mainstream intimates 2010 product launch with major retailers.

Dominican Republic

AAPN WWA contributed knowledge and expertise for an apparel industry strategy review. Project was jointly sponsored by industry and government resulting in presentation and recommendations to the President of DR and to industry leaders.

El Salvador

Republic of El Salvador WWA performed a six month tactical and strategic in-depth review of the apparel industry as a government funded program. This project included visiting more than 30 companies and resulted in major structural changes in the industry and supporting organizations.


Executive Search for senior management in Central America.

Groupo Merlet Process assessment and refinement recommendations for major knitwear manufacturer with multiple plant operations.


Process assessment and refinement recommendations.

Partex Multiple projects including process refinement assessment, ERP analysis, Executive Search for major contractor to Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Under Armour.

Valley Manufacturing

Multiple projects including process assessment and refinement, ERP analysis, system recommendations, and strategic marketing recommendations for this large knit and woven multi-plant manufacturer.


Koramsa Multiple projects consisting of process flow and refinement, technology analysis (PDM/PLM, CAD), and strategic positioning for this major jeans contractor (A&F, GAP, Calvin Klein, and others). Developed a global marketing concept.


Multiple projects for strategic positioning and PLM evaluation for this upscale jeans manufacturing company (rebirth of Koramsa).  Developed a “go-to-market plan” for this newly created vertical operation including ACG (American Cotton Growers), with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, innovative product development, and low minimum/quick turn manufacturing abilities for True Religion, Gap, Guess, R&R, and A&E.

Vestex Multiple articles and speaking engagements for this Apparel Industry Association.


Apparel Industry Coalition WWA contributed expertise by participating in a strategic marketing review for an industry coalition of eight major companies seeking to expand their market presence in the United States.


Skip's Process assessment and refinement recommendations for this large knitwear manufacturing organization.


UNIDO Apparel industry review and recommendations for the Mexican states of Tlaxcala and Pueblo for joint UNIDO and (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) local industry organizations.


Argus Executive Search for a multi-plant operation in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

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Arc' Teryx Process assessment and refinement recommendations for this high end activewear brand and manufacturer; Executive Search.
Mountain Equipment Coop Process assessment and refinement recommendations for this active sportswear cooperative retailer.


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United States

New York

Apparel Holdings Group Multiple process refinement projects and Executive Search for this multi-division company (Caribbean Joe and other brands).

Ann Taylor

Company wide supply chain, product development process and technology review including analysis of legacy system performance and integration.   Study included ROI analysis for PLM.

Redcats USA (was Brylane and Chadwick's) Global projects for the purpose of implementing a single version of PLM across all company divisions.WWA advised the best technologies, best practices, and internal processes to set a global scope for PLM in multiple phases. Worked with the vendor to define, test, assist roll out of the PLM system and specify the requirements of the costing system; provided company wide administrator support for a major PLM system upgrade.

Coach Inc.

Interconnecting projects, beginning with the mapping of  Coach Inc.'s processes, and determination of the scope for a PLM system. The subsequent project involved initial project setup, system definition, system testing and sign off.

 Colorep Process assessment and strategic positioning recommendations for this leading edge AirDye® printing developer interested in expanding its apparel industry business.

 Eileen Fisher

Pattern making & design technology training for this upscale design house and retailer.

 FAB NY Process assessment and recommendations for this major licensee manufacturer.

FAO Schwartz

Process assessment and refinement recommendations for this prestigious toy retailer.

Gerson & Gerson Process assessment and recommendations for this progressive children's apparel brand manufacturing in China, Central America and Peru; Executive Search.

Judith Leiber

Process assessment and recommendations for this luxury handbag company with design and manufacturing operations in New York City.

Leslie Fay Group Multiple projects for process refinement and technology evaluations including design and early implementation of PDM/PLM.

Li & Fung

PDM requirements documentation and RFP resulting in the adoption of PDM for US operation.

Liz Claiborne A multi-phase PLM assessment and subsequent implementation for multiple divisions (US and overseas).

Mamiye Brothers

Multiple projects including PDM and process refinement for this large children's brand licensee.

Michael Kors Provided solutions to assist in systems definition and modification. The facilitation of workshops, testing and user training to realize system roll out was also supported by WWA. This lead to on-time system "go live" and high user acceptance.

New York & Co.

A WWA assessment provided the mapping of processes, technologies and discussion of possible solutions to known issues, and provided a suggested action plan.

Perry Ellis Int'l Process and technology refinement (CAD and PDM) in multiple divisions.

Vital Apparel

Process assessment and recommendations for this medium sized sportswear manufacturer (later acquired by New Balance).

Warnaco WWA PLM consultants participated in the planning and implementation of a PLM system in both East and West Coast Warnaco divisions.

Yellow River

Multiple projects for process refinement at this women's fashion company headed by Peter Mui.


April Cornell Process assessment and recommendations for this apparel specialty retail and mail-order company.


Bureau Veritas Multiple process assessment and strategic positioning projects for global testing lab leader; Executive Search.


See Redcats USA. (NYC)

Sigrid Olsen Process and technology (PDM/PLM) review for Liz Claiborne division. Project led to global purchase of PLM technology.

J. Jill

PLM requirements analysis, RFP and vendor analysis for this women's specialty retailer (prior to acquisition by Talbot's).


David's Bridal Separate process analysis and ERP implementation projects for this large bridal retailer.

Fishman Tobin

WWA provided the mapping of processes, technologies, discussion of possible solutions to known issues, and a suggested action plan.  Subsequent projects followed the assessment.

Skip's Process analysis in headquarters and manufacturing sites (Honduras) for this large multi-plant vertical knitwear company.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Speed to market process analysis for this major sporting goods retailer.


Tredegar Strategic market analysis for $1B non-fiber covering company.


Lion Brothers Inc. Multiple process refinement and technology projects; Executive Search.


Academy Process assessment and recommendations for this sporting goods retailer.


Process assessment and recommendations for this workwear company.


Croc's PLM implementation (rapid deployment) for Dassault/ENOVIA for this innovative casual footwear company.


Jockey International Multiple projects for process analysis and PLM implementation (Dassault/ENOVIA).


Eagle Process analysis, ERP system evaluation and implementation, for this large defense industry contractor.


Chico's Multiple projects in product development and technology evaluations (CAD and PDM) during period of rapid retail expansion; Executive Search.

Perry Ellis Int'l

Process and technology evaluation/refinement projects in multiple divisions (PEI NY, PEI Miami, Jantzen, C&C, Laundry)

Under the Canopy Process and technology analysis leading to PLM/ERP refinement for this leading edge eco-friendly design company.


American Sporting Goods (ASG) Multiple projects for process refinement and technology evaluations for this large footwear developer/manufacturer.


Executive Search for this major designer retail brand.

C&C (Perry Ellis Int'l) Process analysis for this West Coast women's brand (Division of Perry Ellis International).

Chrome Hearts

Multiple projects for process refinement for this luxury fashion and accessory design company and international retailer; Executive Search.

GAP PLM implementation assistance and project analysis (Phase 2 priority)

Guess? Inc.

Multiple projects and Executive Search both domestically and in Asia for this rapidly expanding brand and retailer.   Provided project planning and implementation assistance with PLM.

James Perse WWA provided analysis and knowledge to improve the product development processes.

Jerry Leigh

Multiple projects including process refinement (PLM analysis for Dassault Systèmes/ENOVIA).

Laundry (Perry Ellis Int'l) Process analysis for this upscale women's division of Perry Ellis International.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Process and technology review of  internally developed PLM system.

Michael Stars Product development process and technology analysis; Executive Search; management meeting facilitation.

Mulberry Neckwear

Process and technology analysis for multiple divisions of this major neck wear company.

La Jolla Group Multiple process assessment and recommendation projects, PLM evaluation for large active sportswear and surf brand group.


Multiple process assessment and recommendation projects, PLM evaluation, and ERP requirements documentation for this major eco-friendly active sportswear manufacturer/retail brand.

Quiksilver PLM requirements documentation and system evaluation; PLM implementation assistance (leading to simultaneous implementation of PLM in Australia, France and California).

Stoney Apparel

Process Assessment and technology review for this LA based design/manufacturing company.

Warnaco Swim Group PLM consulting and administrator support was provided as part of an overall PLM implementation at Warnaco.


Simm's Multiple process assessment and refinement projects for this leading fly-fishing performance apparel company.


 Executive Search for this design licensee and manufacturing operation.


Nordstrom Multiple design and product development projects for Nordstrom's Product Group (private label); helped define PLM requirements and mentored the Nordstrom PLM team in the definition of a PLM solution, associated processes and suggested workflow.


Jantzen (Perry Ellis Int'l) Process and technology analysis and recommendations on CAD and print technology for this large swimwear division of Perry Ellis International.

Pendleton Woolen Mills

Product development process, technology review, and RFP for PLM vendor selection for this vertical retail, manufacturing and mail-order company in the Pacific Northwest.

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