What does Avatar mean for Digital Fit and Online Retail?

February 10, 2010

With the huge success of the recent movie Avatar, perhaps the 3-D virtual world is almost ready to meet the real world of fitting garments to their target model. With CGI's advancing to an agreed upon lifelike level in Avatar, can more life like virtual fitting in the apparel world be far behind? 

Several companies have been researching 3-D body scanning for years, such as [TC]2. Check out a link to their body scanning site:  http://www.tc2.com/index_3dbodyscan.html.

Using their technology it is possible to create a real 3-D Avatar of yourself using hundreds of digital measuring points. While this technology is available in select locations around the world, there are also body scanning kiosks being installed in various malls in North America. With the movement and textural advances seen in Avatar, maybe strolling through the virtual mall trying on clothes isn't too far off. We might even see ourselves in a computer game like retail space in the future, using our own personal avatars for shopping and adventures.


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