About Walter T. Wilhelm

With over 30 years of apparel and footwear experience, Walter T. Wilhelm is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and "connected" executives in the softgoods industry, and one of the pioneers in creating and implementing technology to streamline the product design and development processes. He has held senior positions in Retailing, Manufacturing and Technology Sales & Development. Walter has extensive experience domestically as well as internationally, having opened six offices in Europe and four in Asia.

Former positions include: Co-founder of Microdynamics; President of Animated Images (Ai); Co-founder of Wilhelm-Leslie Associates; General Manager of Hughes Aircraft Company's Apparel & Footwear Automation Systems.


About Carlos Arias

Carlos Arias has been a high level executive in the apparel and textile industries for over 22 years. He brings deep experience in the areas of Strategy, Operations, Process Improvement, Marketing, Sourcing and Corporate Social Responsibility. His experiences run the gamut from textiles and manufacturing to product development. Carlos has also had a long history of industry leadership positions: President of the Guatemalan Apparel and Textiles Exporters Commission (VESTEX), President of the Center for the Action of Social Responsibility in Guatemala (CENTRARSE), Director of the Central American Council of Textiles and Apparel Organizations (CECATEC), President and Chairman of the Americas Apparel Producers Network (AAPN) amongst many other industry roles.

Former positions include: General Manager of Grupo Aritex; President of Koramsa; President, Denimatrix; President and CEO of Kaltex Apparel.


About Stephanie Wilhelm

Strong background in retail management with Lady Footlocker, GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Contempo Casuals and other major national specialty stores. Owner/Founder of Bike Line SLC. Director of Administration for major automotive company before joining WWA in 2002 as Director of Administration. Assumed responsibility for the Executive Search function for WWA in 2003 and has been successful in placing senior level candidates in companies throughout the US and Central America. In 2003, promoted to Vice President of Administration with responsibilities for finance, marketing, and executive search.