Sustainability Services

Marci Zaroff Sustainable Brands and Walter Wilhelm Associates have created a partnership to guide retailers, brands and manufacturers in defining and executing authentic sustainability initiatives. The combination of Ms. Zaroff's long-term sustainable design, marketing and supply chain expertise, in conjunction with WWA's unparalleled knowledge of industry processes and technologies represents the ideal team to define and build cohesive "green strategies". Click here to view Marci Zaroff's bio online.

Supply Chain
  • Farm to Fiber to Factory
  • Certifications, Standards and Compliance
  • Value Models, Vertical Integration and Efficiencies
  • Dyes, Finishes, and Environmental Practices
  • Scorecards and Measuring Change

Building a sustainable supply chain is not an easy task. With increasing consumer demand for transparency and true eco-friendly products and practices, it is no longer a choice, but instead an imperative, that companies integrate more responsibility within their supply chain strategies.

Product Development
  • Design Philosophies for Sustainable Products
  • Industry Innovations
  • Technology Innovations and Tools
  • Education and Case Studies

Sustainable products start with sustainable thinking. We can help to educate your team about areas such as materials, chemical inputs and outputs, carbon footprint, life-cycle analysis as well as environmental and human impact along with strategies, in order to achieve sustainable product development goals.

Company Culture
  • Create Core Values and a Culture of Sustainability
  • Drive Initiatives from the Top Down
  • Drive Initiatives from the Bottom Up
  • Education and Comparisons

Green initiatives are supported and enforced by the culture of a company. How does your company culture fit with its "green" programs? Do the strategies make sense for your business and your customer? Matching company values, engagement and goals to meaningful initiatives that will help your company sustain itself in the future.

Authentic Marketing Strategies
  • Authentic Branding and Marketing Surrounding Sustainability
  • Social and Digital Media Strategies
  • Education and Inspiration
  • Utilizing Focus Groups
  • Identifying Consumer Insights

Many companies are already making positive progress toward sustainability. To successfully market these efforts, they must be transparent and authentic. Consumers are bombarded by "green" product and services statements and are good at identifying false claims and advertising, aka "green washing". Companies must carefully navigate their communication strategies in order to gain credibility with current as well as future customers and consumers.