Case Study: Strategy Management

The Client

A US ladies clothing brand

The Case

Historically, businesses used to consider change once a year. Today, as a result of new developments with information and communication technology as well as the effect of globalization, companies need to embrace change daily. However, management teams are invariably driven by internal priorities leaving little time for forward planning. Successful businesses are those that take a proactive approach to constantly review and amend strategy objectively. In this particular instance WWA was asked by the owners, a venture capital group, to examine the company, which had been experiencing steady falls in both revenue and profit as its prime market declined.

The WWA Solution

WWA deployed a Strategy Management Team, drawn from senior associates with extensive apparel business experience. A series of strategies was derived and action plans developed which included moving into the sportswear market and the outsourcing of the very expensive US product development function. The company's core activities were concentrated on the high quality product design that was then developed and produced offshore. WWA held regular review meetings to ensure that the agreed to strategies were working and modified or replaced those that required change. As a result the company's revenue and profit increased immediately!