Case Study: Business Planning

The Client

A maker of branded outdoor gear sold through the field's leading catalog

The Case

A family-owned company making made-to-order school uniforms expanded into the outdoor hunting and fishing apparel and soft gear business. The new outdoor business quickly became the leader in quality and sales in its segment for the leading catalog retailer in the field. The school uniform business had stagnated but remained profitable while the two year old outdoor gear business was growing as much as 900% per year and absorbing all profits and cash.

The WWA Solution

In an all day assessment, WWA performed a high level review of company management, the two current but different business processes, sales and distribution channels, and the underlying financial infrastructure of the company. The Twelve-Point Action Plan focused on the need for refining profitability targeting through a market study, enhancing existing financial services to include factoring and letter of credit services, protecting emerging intellectual property, rethinking license and distribution practices, overcoming seasonality in both production programs, and blending aspects of the two businesses for cross-leverage purposes.